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Announcing Miro 3.0!

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vielleicht interessiert sich jemand für dieses Announcment-Mail:

Big news today! We are releasing Miro 3.0, a major new version that is faster and has a whole bunch of new features and polish.

Download Miro 3.0 here: Miro | Video Player | Free video and audio podcast player and torrent client.

(we’re also announcing a totally new application called Miro Video Converter! the simplest way to convert a video to mp4, theora, or your phone - Miro Video Converter - Free! Convert any video to MP4, OGG Theora, iPhone, Android, iPod, and more, based on FFMPEG.)

Here’s a quick list of the biggest things that are new in Miro 3:

* Subtitles!
If subtitles are embedded or in the same folder as your video, they will be available automatically in a new drop-down menu. Or pick any subtitle file.

* Faster Faster Faster!
Miro is faster and snappier in all sorts of ways from downloading torrents to deleting lots of files. For example, launching Miro is over 150% faster! Downloading torrents is faster!

* Louder Louder Louder!
The maximum volume for videos is now at least twice as high. Really nice for laptops.

* Edit file info
Easily change the title, description, and category of a file.

* Play Externally
We’ve added an option to play all files externally and a right-click menu for single items.

For more details of what’s new, see my blog post: Miro 3.0!! Faster, louder, smoother, subtitles! Miro – Internet TV Blog

I’m very excited about this new version of Miro, I think it really takes the application to a new level of smoothness and polish.

Don't forget to Follow Miro on Twitter and be a Miro fan on Facebook:

Miro (TheMiroFolks) on Twitter

Miro Users | Facebook


nicholas and the rest of the miro team

Ich habe Miro das letzte Mal vor einem halben Jahr genutzt und es aus folgenden Gründen nicht toll gefunden:

- Der Content ist fast ausschliesslich auf Englisch (ich oute mich als Fan von Deutschen Sendungen)
- Der Content ist meist etwas amateurhaft produziert. Fast keine Mainstream Sender/Sendungen
- Die meisten Videopodcasts können auch direkt via HTTP (kein P2P) bezogen werden (z.B iTunes)

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